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         The school can provide an ED Visa/Education Visa/Student Visa for our students. The visa can be given to Group-lesson student and Private-lesson student.

         If you would like to enroll in our program and obtain a Non-Immigrant ED visa, you should plan and send all documents required to the school at least 4-6 weeks before you come to Thailand. The school will request a letter of acceptance from the Ministry of Education in Thailand; it takes about 2 - 4 weeks to get the letter. After that the school will send it to you, and then you apply for an ED visa at a Thai Consulate office outside of Thailand.

ED Visa Process:

Student who enroll more than 3 courses/months in group-lesson or 60 hours in private-lesson are eligible to apply for ED visa.






Send the application forms to you.
The application forms have 4 items:

  1. School application
  2. Personal history check (2 pages)
  3. Purpose of attending of the course
  4. Registration form (Ed visa)

Fill in the application forms.
(Fill and sign all papers with a blue-pen, also in your copies of passport)



Send back all documents to the school by EMS mail + the following items:

      1.  2 copies of your passport
            (page-show your photo and number)
      2.  8 photo (size 2” or 4x5 cm.)
      3.  Transfer the tuition fee to the school.

Middle East and African people need a Police check certificate. It is a requirement of the Government.


Send your document to the Ministry of Education (it takes about 2-4 weeks).
When we get a letter of acceptance from the MOE. (the 1st letter), we will send it with the school letter to you by EMS.




Apply for an ED visa at the Thai Consulate or Thai Embassy (outside Thailand).



When you arrive in Thailand, you must bring your passport to the school within 2 weeks in order to process for a letter of extension visa from MOE (the 2nd letter). 


Terms & Conditions :

1.  With this visa you can stay in Thailand continually as long as you are our student. according to the school program

2.  The student will study Thai language according to the school curriculum which be approved by the Ministry of Eduacation.

3.  With our visa, you can choose to study in a group-lesson or private-lesson according to your need.  There are 3 types of classes: 

A.   Full-time group lesson –  study every day from Monday-Friday, 3 hours a day, open every month according to the school calendar.  

B.   Private-lesson (one on one) – schedule will be discussed, 

C.   Semi - Private group – this group is a special arrangement.  The class can open when 3 students register. The schedule will be arranged when students registered.     

4.  The school cannot support student to get an ED visa if the student does not want to study.

Information about Apply visa and Immigration : 

• The best countries to apply an ED visa are Laos. It takes only 2 working days.  Most nationalities can apply ED visa in these countries.  But some nationalities like Indians, Chinese, Pakistanis, Sri Lanka, Middle Eastern and African people will need to go back to their countries. 

• To apply an ED visa at the Thai embassy/consulate, the visa fee is 2,000 Baht.

• Middle East and African people need to send a Police check certificate to the school. It is a requirement of the Government.

• On arrival you will be permitted to stay for 90 days and then with the 2nd letter and the school paperwork you can extend your stay every 90 days at the
Bangkok Immigration Office for the duration of the course (maximum 3 years). The fee is 1,900 Baht.

• The 90 Days Notification. Every foreigner needs to notify the Immigration Office every 90 days and tell his/her current address. You can go from 7 days before the date. If you miss the date, you will have to pay a fine.


If you have a Single visa, when you want to travel aboard, you have to get a Re-entry permit before leaving Thailand at the immigration office. The fee is 1,000 Baht for one Re-entry.

How to make a Re-entry at Suvarnabhumi Airport : 

You can file to pause your permit (so the period of your leave will not be included in the duration of your permit) one hour before boarding time at Suvarnabhumi Airport. The service is available 24/7. The details are as follow:

Required Documents to prepare
· Passport or eligible travel document and its copy.
· One 4 x 6 cm. headshot photo
·1,000 Baht fee for single entry and 3,800 Baht for multiple entry


·         on 4th level, zone 2 at the Passenger Terminal Building on 4th level on the east side.

Contact:  02-134-0638  Call Center: 1178

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Please contact our school by e-mail.


Information requirement for ED visa application forms


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Gender : Female
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Nationality (Passport of) :
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Class :
I'd like to apply visa at the Thai Embassy in (name of city) :  *
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