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Thai language school -        
Thai language school -
          AAA Thai language school (Pasawes) was approved by the Ministry of Education in 2004. Our executives and teachers have experience in teaching Thai to foreigners for more than 20 years. Our Thai language system is an interactive system which students will be able to communicate with Thai people in a short time.
          By enrolling in the AAA Thai language school, you will study from speaking to reading & writing up to advanced courses as well. You would be able to appreciate Thai culture and life style and enjoy your stay in Thailand much more.


Speaking Thai Courses AAA Thai Language School

 Speaking Thai Courses

Speaking Thai Level 1

Begin with the introduction of phonetics, the students will learn how to pronounce all Thai alphabets sounds correctly…

 Speaking Thai Level 2

The students will learn more broad situations for daily conversation…

Speaking Thai Level 3

The student’s vocabulary becomes larger and will be able to make use of more complicated expressions…

Reading & Writing Thai Courses | AAA Thai Language School

Reading & Writing 
Thai Courses

Reading & Writing Thai Level 1

With AAA Thai Language School system, the students will be able to memorize and differentiate all alphabets quickly…

Reading & Writing Thai Level 2

The students will learn all Thai language special and practice in reading and writing Thai words, sentences and the short stories…

Reading&Writing Thai Level 3.1

Short stories about Thai life style, Thai customs & culture and some of Thai history will be learned at this level…

Reading&Writing Thai Level 3.2

The students will encouraged to speak more by learning on Thai dialogue which includes some Thai idioms and phases....

Advanced Thai Course | AAA Thai Language School

Thai Courses

There are many subjects, the students can select from what suits them or they are interested in.

- Thai social norms                
- Thai newspaperI,II             
- Thai idioms      
- Health&Hygiene                

- Thai culture & customs
- Thai for business
- Thai Buddhism
- Christian Bible    etc.

     The advanced courses will be improved or developed depending on the needs of students and any social changes.

Group lesson | AAA Thai Language School

Starting Date
1 Feb 2016

Private lesson | AAA Thai Language School

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News | AAA Thai Language School


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